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We at Extra Care Autos understand how crucial quality car tyres are for a smooth and safe ride in New South Wales. As your trusted mechanic and tyre shop in Revesby, we offer several tyre-related services, such as:

Tyre fitting and balancing
Tyre replacement

For Sydneysiders looking for professional tyre services and cheap tyres in Revesby, Extra Care Autos is more than up to the job.

When Should Tyres Be Replaced?

In a car, among the most vulnerable components to wear and tear are the tyres. You should have these tyres replaced even before they start performing sub-optimally. 
Aside from a complete flat, some signs that a car tyre needs replacement are:

1. Worn-out treads

When doing a tread test, be sure to measure the depth of the treads. If they are too shallow, then it’s time to retire that tyre. 

Different countries have different tread depth requirements. In Australia, the legal requirement is 1.5mm. Tyres with treads shallower than that shouldn’t be on the road – schedule a replacement and tyre fitting if this is the case.

2. Fast deflation

Tyres do deflate all on their own: this is normal. Generally, a car tyre will lose up to 2 PSI of air every month. As such, if the tyre loses significantly more than 2 PSI, there may be problems with the tyre’s integrity. We therefore recommend doing monthly measurements to evaluate a tyre’s rate of deflation.

3. Physical deformities

Car owners should also do regular visual checks on all the tyres. If there are any visible physical deformities, then a replacement may be due.

Some examples of deformities are cracks, bulges, malformations, and warped rubber. If any of these are present, schedule a replacement with a tyre shop ASAP. Extra Care Autos is a great choice for high-quality but cheap tyres in Revesby.

4. Vibrations when driving

Tyre issues can also cause vibrations when driving. When the car vibrates, this may mean that the tyre sizes are mismatched. In some cases, simply re-inflating the tyre can remedy the issue. However, if this doesn’t improve the situation, you should check with a mechanic and see if a new tyre fitting for the car is necessary.

5. Old age

Car owners should replace old tyres. It doesn’t matter how excellent the tyre’s condition is. If it’s old, have it replaced.

Inspect and check 5-year-old tyres regularly. Those with tyres that reach 10 years are due for a trip to the tyre shop.

What Reduces Car Tyre Longevity?

We mentioned earlier that 5-year-old car tyres should undergo regular checks. This, however, is just an estimate. Some things can further reduce the number of years that a tyre is useable, including:

Exposure to high temperatures
Driving with bad road conditions or driving on uneven roads
Exposure to ice or snow
Constant exposure to water
Failing to maintain the tyres

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