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Professional Car Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance

Driving a car that has cooling problems can be risky and uncomfortable. Whether it’s an engine or aircon problem, Extra Care Autos is more than capable of handling it. Those looking for auto aircon services in Sydney can look to us for solutions.

We Repair Car Aircon and Cooling Systems
in Revesby

Cooling problems stem from a variety of factors, but most issues can be addressed with auto aircon services. If you experience any of the issues below, book a car air conditioner service right away with Extra Care Autos.

1. Refrigerant leaks

Car aircon systems use a refrigerant, a gas that the system uses to cool down temperatures. Refrigerant leaks can cause uncooled air to come out of the aircon system, leading to warm air circulating the car.

2. Malfunctioning cooling fan, radiator, compressor, or condenser

The cooling fan, radiator, and condenser are four critical components of a car’s aircon and engine cooling system. 

The condenser converts the gaseous refrigerant into a liquid while the compressor moves this refrigerant around the aircon system. If any of these two breaks, then the aircon will fail to cool. 

The cooling fan, on the other hand, is in charge of blowing the cooled air out. If this malfunctions, then air won’t move out of the vents. Also, fans that are riddled with dust and debris will compromise the airflow. Have a car air conditioner service clean the fan regularly to prevent this.

Radiator issues are a bit more complicated. Broken radiators can affect other car components and can cause other aircon components to break. It’s not just the aircon, too. The car engine’s cooling system can also fail because of radiator issues, leading to an overheating engine. 

3. Wiring problems

Modern cars utilise a series of wires for all purposes imaginable, including cooling and air conditioning. Broken wires or corroded components can cause the aircon to fail. The same is true for the cooling system of the engine.

Only a professional auto aircon service is capable of efficiently diagnosing and repairing wire issues. Be sure to contact Extra Case Autos for car air conditioner repairs of this sort.

4. Water pump problems

The car’s engine is located under the bonnet and cannot rely on air for cooling. Instead, engines use a water pump system to dissipate any excessive heat. Naturally, if there’s a problem with any component of the water pump, then the engine will fail to cool.

5. Computer failure

Computers in cars serve a variety of roles, the thermostat being one of the more crucial functions. If this fails or breaks down, then the car will not be able to sense and regulate temperature properly.

We Can Repair Car Aircons and Cooling Systems in Revesby

Located in Revesby, Extra Care Autos is dedicated to providing excellent car air conditioner services. Thoroughness is our team’s rule: complete system diagnostics, pressure tests, leak tests, and test drives are all done for a sure fix.

Furthermore, our team only uses high-quality components and trusted coolants to address whatever needs repair or replacement. Don’t just go for any auto aircon service – Extra Care Autos spares no expense to provide a solution.

If you need a trustworthy car air conditioner service, please contact us.

Car Air Conditioning Specialist in Revesby

Extra Care Autos has been in operation for more than five years. And now we’ve been one of the leading providers of car air conditioning services in the Revesby region. We service all brands and models of car and their air conditioning systems applications.

The insulation and refrigeration of cars of various makes and models for the purpose of transportation of products is a routine line of business for us. We can create a system that is cooled to a temperature that is appropriate for the customer. Our employees’ extensive expertise, gathered over many years, is our greatest asset. Numerous employees with years of expertise, together with a readiness to adapt to market and environmental changes that have been imposed on the automotive industries.

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We’re Here to Help You with All Makes & Models

Every kind of vehicle, from classics to the most recent models, we can fix any problem with the car air conditioning system. If you are experiencing difficulty getting cold or warm air when you need it, it is possible that your windows are fogging up and that your air conditioning is not cleaning them. Modern car air conditioning systems are not only a source of comfort, but they are also a vital safety feature in automobiles nowadays.

The expert technicians at Extra Care Autos have many years of experience working on practically all brands of automobiles, from removing a full dashboard to diagnosing wiring problems, to cleaning the entire system and repairing significant component failures, to eradicating A/C odours. A loss of refrigerant inside the system is the most typical cause of an air conditioning system failure in a car. It is our speciality to locate and correct leaks before they cause further loss of refrigerant. This prevents a repetition of the problem and saves you both time and money on your next service call. Consider it as if you were filling a bucket with a little hole at the bottom.

You can put your trust in Extra Care Autos to get the job done perfectly the first time with your car. Prior to beginning any repairs, we will tell you of the estimated cost of the repairs and keep you updated throughout the process.

We Offer a Variety of Services Including:

  • leak detection and recharging of the air conditioning system
  • odorous a/c treatment and cabin filter replacement
  • vehicle heater repairs, heater core leaks, and other automotive services
  • repair and production of flexible hoses
    rebuilding and repairing of compressors
  • car electrical service and repair