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We Perform Car Servicing in Revesby with Passion

Are you in need of a visit to a car servicing centre? If you’re in Sydney, you’re in luck! At Extra Care Autos, we provide car servicing with passion for all major makes and models, from sedans to SUVs and even light commercial vehicles, including European cars. 

Sydney Car Services We Offer

Our main service offers are Log Book Service, Yearly Service, and Ultimate Service.
Read on to understand each of these services and why you would need them.

1. Log Book Service

What is it?

A car log book service happens when a pro services a vehicle while following the vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines. This means that the specs and methods do not go beyond the standard for that model.

Why is it important?

Manufacturers void their car warranties when certain conditions are met. A log book service is precisely for this purpose – preventing voided warranties. 

What services are included?

As a leading car servicing centre in Revesby, we offer services in accordance with manufacturer specifications for log book services. These services include:

  • Oil change services
  • Specific manufacturer conditions to avoid nullifying car warranty
  • Log book stamps, done in a timely manner according to manufacturer specifications and recommendations
  • Road testing

2. Yearly Service

What is it?

A car servicing centre should do routine maintenance on a vehicle either every year or around every 15,000 km of travel. Only have this done by experienced auto servicing in Revesby – it’s a job for pros. Don’t wait for the car to break before getting it serviced!

What services are included?

Yearly or routine maintenance for vehicles usually include the following services:

    • Oil change services
    • Air filter check and replacement
    • Safety and brake inspections 
    • Cooling and charging system maintenance
    • Full road test
    • 40-point service, an extensive series of tests to ensure proper car function
    • System diagnostic scan for checking correct car computer function

3. Ultimate Service

What is it?

Ultimate Service provides cars the highest level of care they deserve. This is the top auto service in Revesby, preferred by car owners who give utmost regard to their vehicles.

What services are included?

Extra Care Autos’ top-of-the-line service comprises nearly all the services mentioned above, plus the following:

      • Oil change services
      • Air filter check and replacement
      • Brake fluid and engine coolant replacement
      • Spark plug and fuel filter maintenance
      • Under bonnet/hood check and maintenance for a thorough assessment of all the car’s essential components
      • Safety and brake inspections
      • Electrical and battery checks and inspection
      • Charging and cooling system check-up
      • Full road test
      • 40-point service and system diagnostic scan

Choose Extra Care Autos for Auto Servicing in Revesby

Your car needs the best care it can get, which can only come from experienced professionals in auto care and maintenance. For car servicing in Revesby, go with Extra Care Autos. Contact us today to book a service or find out more about what we do. 

Exclusive Car Care & Service Firm in Revesby

We are an auto repair and car service firm providing excellent services across the Revesby region. Extra Care Autos can also pick up your vehicle wherever you are in the region and bring it whenever it is most convenient for you. We will give you a pleasant text or email reminder so that you may plan the rest of your day accordingly. Extra Care Autos is a certified company with over 5 years of experience in the industry. Extra Care Autos is not your normal car repair and maintenance service. We provide a comprehensive variety of services to our clients, and we are particularly skilled in diagnosing and resolving difficult automotive electrical issues. Car tuning mechanics from Extra Care Autos can repair a wide range of vehicle issues, including brakes, batteries, water pumps and radiators. They can also perform suspension, gearbox and transmission repairs, and cv boots and joint replacements. They can also replace drive belts, starter motors, and alternators.
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We make significant investments in the most up-to-date diagnostic instruments to provide you with a thorough evaluation of what is wrong with your car. Our qualified car repair technicians and industry professionals can repair anything from the most common difficulties to the most complicated and specialised concerns.
Extra Care Autos provides a comprehensive variety of automobile services to ensure that your vehicle operates at top performance. When you contact or schedule online with Extra Care Autos, we will work with you to find a time and location that is convenient for you. Our professionals will inspect and evaluate your vehicle. We will then advise you of the scope of the work performed before beginning. There will be no unpleasant shocks in this manner.

Maintaining and servicing your car regularly can help keep breakdowns and expensive repairs at bay. We are more than simply mobile mechanics; we are technicians with extensive training and expertise. We can provide complete vehicle repairs across the whole region.
You may be certain that we will use the most up-to-date diagnostic technology to identify and repair any problems with your car. With advice to extend the life of your car, we ensure that you have a thorough and dependable servicing experience. We walk you through the process and give you detailed reports on all of the work that has been completed.