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Working car batteries are crucial for any smooth ride. As the battery provides power for many car processes, failing to change the car battery when needed can impact the following:

Electrical operations since car batteries provide much-needed energy to power these
Firing up the engine because the battery gives the engine the starting spark so it can run
Keeping the lights on, whether they are interior lights, headlights, or other car bulbs
Stabilising the energy that allows the engine to continue running

When Should Car Battery Replacement Be Done?

Car batteries usually last for 3 to 5 years. If you experience or notice any of the following signs, you should consider getting a replacement car battery:

1. The car battery life indicator starts blinking.

All modern cars have an icon on the dashboard that flashes if the battery is running low or malfunctioning. This is usually the first sign that a car battery replacement is needed. 

2. The engine has problems with starting up.

Weak batteries cause the engine to start up much slower than normal. In many cases, the engine will also produce clanging or clicking sounds while it tries to start up.

If the battery fails, the engine will not just be slow – it will also fail to function at all. Change the car battery ASAP if this is the case. 

3. The car needs to get jump-started more often.

Jump starting a car with old batteries is a common occurrence. The more this happens, the more the battery gets worn out. When this happens, Extra Care Autos can provide a replacement car battery.

4. Car lights are not as intense.

The battery powers pretty much all the lights in the vehicle. As the battery fails, the lights become affected, too. Do you notice the lights to be a bit dim even if the bulbs are still working satisfactorily? If yes, a car battery replacement may be necessary. 

5. Visible changes on the battery’s exterior

The older car batteries get, the more worn out they usually appear. If there is bloat in the battery’s casing or if there’s visible corrosion, it’s time to change the car battery.

What Decreases Car Battery Life?

All the processes mentioned above drain the car battery. Drainage isn’t an issue since the car continuously charges the battery while it runs. However, some things are bad for battery life and can permanently cause damage like:

Keeping the battery at high temperatures
Keeping the battery discharged for a long time
Overcharging the battery
Exposure to corrosive materials
Excessive vibration

Preventing the factors above can help prolong battery life. This helps save on expenses, especially since prices of car batteries are not always the cheapest. But of course, keeping the car battery healthy helps the car too.

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