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Your trusted auto-solutions partner
since 2015

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Your trusted auto-solutions partner
since 2015

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Your trusted auto-solutions partner
since 2015

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Prestigious Auto Air Conditioning Repair Services Provider in Milperra

Extra Care Autos is a company that provides car air conditioning services in the Milperra region. If you believe that your vehicle is not operating correctly or has completely stopped, please call us immediately. Our team of expert auto electricians has received extensive training in air conditioning repair. Among the many air conditioning-related services we offer as a business devoted to the highest standards of quality and competence are the following:

  • Refilling / Re-gas
  • Servicing
  • Parts Fittings
  • Diagnosis
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repairing

Why Should You Have an Air Conditioning Repair/servicing Done?

Like most other automobile components, the car air conditioning system may have issues or need maintenance from time to time. Concerns with the AC include, but are not limited to the following issues:

  • Electrical Problems Caused by Leaking Refrigerant
  • The cooling fan is not working properly.
  • The condenser is faulty and is not cooling properly.
  • Noxious odours.

What Is Included in Our Auto Air Conditioning Repair?

Thorough Inspection

Please do not hesitate to call Extra Care Autos if you believe your air conditioning is not functioning correctly. Our team will respond to you as soon as possible and will come to you at your preferred location in the region. We will do a comprehensive investigation to find out what’s causing the problem.

Refilling the Gas Tank

Several factors may cause gas to leak from a car. In the event of a leak, you will notice that the air conditioner is not cooling as effectively as it could. This may be a concern, particularly during the warmer months. We can replenish your air conditioning gas anywhere in the region.

Checking the Components

Our components inspection service is ideal if you want frequent maintenance service for your equipment. We will thoroughly check each component and give you a complete report on our findings. The report contains information on the performance and overall health of every component of the air conditioning system.

Electric Equipment Maintenance and Repair

A variety of electrical fuses, wiring, and other components make up the central car air conditioning system. They may become malfunctioning, which will influence the operation of the air conditioner. A regular inspection may aid in the identification of any such issues.


Like all other vehicle components, the car air conditioning system requires regular maintenance. The cleaning of the condenser and evaporator is only a few of the things included in the maintenance.

Filter for the air conditioning system

The air conditioning filter’s function is to maintain the car’s cabin as clean as possible by eliminating contaminants from the atmosphere. The filter can get clogged, necessitating frequent service and replacement.

What Do We Provide in Terms of Value?

Genuine repair parts and replacement kits are available for the majority of automobile manufacturers sold in the country. Second, we provide excellent auto electrical services across the region. Third, we have experts on our team that are highly certified and trained. They are dedicated to finishing the project in the shortest amount of time while maintaining the highest safety and quality.

We examine and adjust our pricing daily to ensure that we stay competitive. Our internet usage to sell our goods has allowed us to keep our expenses as low as possible. We exclusively purchase from authorised agents of manufacturers, eliminating the need for intermediaries. These cost savings are passed on to our consumers, allowing us to maintain our costs as competitive as possible for them. You won’t have to worry about any unexpected charges when you deal with us.

We make it quick and straightforward to make a transaction with us. Whether at home or on the go, you may reach us using whatever device you want. Our consultants are also accessible to assist you in making the best choice for your needs.

A manufacturer’s warranty and official purchase from manufacturer-approved sources are the only ways we can guarantee the safety of our customers. We only sell brand new, authentic electrical components. For our clients to be able to drive with confidence, we want them to be certain that their car will corner accurately, stop safely, and perform well in a variety of driving circumstances.

Call us right away at 02 9226 2121

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About Us

Your TRUSTED automotive solutions partner since 2015, ‘Extra Care’ is always committed to ensure excellence at services. Our expert mechanics have been helping our customers with all sort of issues relating to all major makes and models of hatches, sedans, SUV and light commercials. Our wide range of services include: ● Logbook services and maintenance ● Mechanical and electrical works ● Repairs and parts replacement ● Car diagnostic services and pre-purchase inspection ● Tyre sales, fitting and balancing ● Battery ● Car inspection and pink slip We have a wide collection of quality reconditioned vehicles from which you can choose your dream car with affordable price. We provide all sort of mechanical warranty for our cars. Please contact us for your service booking, expert advice, quotation and buying/selling car.

Why Choose Us

As the leading auto mechanic in Revesby, we at Extra Care Autos promise excellent services. Our promise is reflected in our company’s core value: “BUILDING TRUST, CREATING EXCELLENCE.

● Our team is made up of highly experienced auto mechanics.
● All our mechanical services come with a 12-month warranty.
● We only use high-quality parts and components. We guarantee hassle-free repairs and services.
● Our prices are competitive. We also ensure complete transparency with all expenditures – no wasted parts, no wasted costs.
It’s easy to book a service with Extra Care Autos. Our team of pro auto mechanics makes sure of that.

Contact a mechanic in Sydney any day of the week whenever your vehicle needs that ‘Extra Care’.


I have got excellent services from Extra Care Autos. I recommend any one to get the outstanding of services from Extra Care Autos. Thank you Extra Care Autos.

- Lucky

We’ve been here twice and a great job has been done both times. They are thorough and charge a fair price. Their courtesy wash was a nice value added service. Thank you.

- Sadia Mariam

Honest and professional assessment by the mechanic. Saved money with their quote. Recommend them for great valuation I received.

- Jean Myer

I would like to compliment the Extra care team for the excellent service provided to me. You have definitely gained a new customer and I will refer my friends and families to you.

- Mariam Bassam

Great car services provided by professional mechanics for my Mazda CX-9. Will recommend the place for their honest service and value for money.

- Dildar Sultana
Wiley Park

Honest & flawless service anyone can rely. They are easy to reach and always available for me. I will keep coming back as long as they can continue to provide this same high level of service.

- Zoki Jako